"After spending over 25 years deep diving into some of the oldest + most powerful healing traditions our world has to offer, after  spending thousands of hours with gurus and lamas learning + applying their methods + perspectives, after spending thousands of hours in meditation, after reaching the pinnacle of success in the yoga world, I left all of it. My own awakening had finally arrived. In case you think awakenings are always pretty, mine brought me to my knees for two years. During that time I entered into an apprenticeship with a powerful female shaman with deep ties to Peru and the Q'ero.  It was the first feminine lineage I had been initiated into and it brought me into deep, ongoing and magical relationship with Nature or Gaia. It is Gaia who healed me. Later, the Mother and Mary entered my life and now their wisdom runs through me as well. Throughout all of this, there was not a single soul who understood what was going on. I couldn't find a book, a teacher, nothing. I don't want any woman to feel unsupported again. Change on this level is so deep, so heavy, so unfamiliar. Let me help you. I know what works, what facilitates growth + what creates internal balance. I know first hand what it is to wake up each day feeling unhappy, frustrated and confused about who I am and what I am doing here + I know what needs to happen to shift from anxiety and fear to freedom and trust. Allow me to support you through the process of aligning with your highest self so that each day becomes a clear expression of your soul's calling. " - KELLY MORRIS

START TODAY: book your first 50-minute Infinity For All session on the form provided here.

INFINITY FOR ALL: We set in motion your journey with an initial Infinity For All meeting/call/Skype ($220) mapping out an area in your life that you feel is blocked and needs clarity + generating beginning steps for you to begin your journey towards wholeness. During this session, you will have the opportunity to learn about the Find Your Infinity Mentorship process. 

3 MONTH MENTORING: 4 sessions (50-75 minutes) each month in person, by phone or via Skype. 30 minutes of 'emergency/overtime' calls, email support between calls and action plans specifically for you.

6 MONTH MENTORING: 3 sessions (50-90 minutes) each month in person, by phone or via Skype. 60 minutes of 'emergency/overtime' calls, email support between calls and action plans specifically for you.

ILLUMINATIONS: 1 session (60 minutes/220). Your energy field contains karmic, personal and ancestral memories and past trauma. This powerful shamanic practice given to Kelly (by Q'ero lineage of Peru) clears these negative imprints through the relevant chakra allowing you to move forward in your life with increased clarity + authenticity. 

Useful when:

  • You feel caught in a behavioral pattern that continues to repeat itself

  • You are struggling to heal from qualities (health or emotional) that are part of your ancestry

  • Emotional traumas of your past continue to follow you and do not respond well to other healing methods

EXCLUSIVE YOGA/MEDITATION ONE-ON-ONE PRIVATE SESSIONS: One-on-one work in meditation dramatically increases one's ability + focus. Group settings do not allow for the personal growth that comes from dedicated one-on-one work. In private sessions, you will be given specific + powerful advices to move your practice towards greater and greater efficacy. Contact Kelly using the form. 

CORPORATE MEDITATION: Kelly works with small + medium sized companies to create empowered teams that succeed together and experience greater job happiness, removing blocks to success and instilling inner peace.

Kelly's approach brings the latest neurological findings to help management and employees build an empowered + integrated workforce. The outcome is reduced conflict + inner confusion affording better management of time as well as increased personal ability to make the right decision at the right time. Contact Kelly using the form. 

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Kelly speaks at conferences, museums, festivals and more to inspire audiences everywhere to step up their internal game and create the life they dream of. Contact Kelly using the form.

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