"Kelly Morris decodes the treasures that are hidden in our journeys and helps us understand our place in time and space. She is the wisest, funniest, most soulful friend you will ever pay to have and you will be glad you did."
-Michelle Williams, Actress
"With her heady mix of yogic knowledge, shamanic insight and life experience, Kelly Morris has provided me with a beacon toward self-understanding. Her ability to synthesize everything from complex scientific concepts to esoteric practices and distill them into lessons that are immediately impactful in practical in practical application, is nothing short of amazing. She is deeply caring, intuitive teacher whose love of nature and compassion for the human experience-especially the feminine experience- have inspired me immeasurably."
-Edith Johnson aka Festival Girl, Music Journalist and Author, thefestivalgirl.com, Hittin' the Note, Hippie Chick
"Hearing Kelly serve up the bitter truth of who you are is like being subjected to a lightening round of Jeopardy where all the questions and answers are unpleasant ones about you. She strips away a lifetime of fiction and illusion and gets you to the heart of your limiting beliefs and helps you rebuild your inner software to re-align your body, mind and spirit to the infinite possibilities within."
-Alex Matthiessen
"Kelly Morris is a wise, wise woman. I learned methodologies from her that have changed my life, and that is no exaggeration. Amongst a sea of "yogis and coaches" she stands far above the rest in sheer talent, experience, vision and effectiveness. She is an open-hearted and fierce warrior who is on a mission to change the world, and we are all better for it."
-Robyn Moreno, Bestselling Author, Emmy-Nominated TV Host
"In the immediate wake of the sudden and tragic death of my longtime friend and business partner, the person I most wanted to talk to was Kelly Morris. Her deep and easy grasp of the type of spiritual teachings that are the most relevant and useful at a time of great upheaval, change or distress was comforting and helpful, but is was also her unique and inspired way of illuminating and communicating those teachings that made her my most important call in those few days. She knows how to cut to the heart of the matter. She knows how to dive deep into the pain and challenges of others and swim with us to the surface, brining light and air, relief and clarity. She is frank and uncensored, knowing, learned, wise and no bullshit. She is a sage of the modern age and has been a true gift on the path that is my life."
-Emily Ziff, Writer/Producer
"It's been sixteen years since I started working with Kelly, and it's still a tall order to try to describe her gifts.You can easily map the constellation of her talents: a brilliant, undaunted mind, her quicksilver eloquence and humor, an unflagging passion for enlightenment, pure devotion to her clients, dedication to evolution in all its forms. But what is harder to reckon is the subterranean magma flowing from her heart, the fuel that everyone can feel, the burning core of love she bears for all creation. Where did this beautiful spirit guide come from? We could ask the ocean the same thing and never receive and answer in words. Kelly is a natural element, a force of clarity absolutely essential to my growth and happiness." 
- Eisa Davis, Actress House of Cards, Writer/Pulitzer Prize Finalist and Musician
"Five years ago, I was in a near fatal accident that left me in a coma for nearly two weeks. I was a pedestrian crossing the street in London and was hit by a van moving at 30 mph. As a result of the accident, I was left with over 69 broken bones and much more seriously a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Among the many effects of the TBI, in the short term, first few years after the accident, can be severe mood swings and depression. It was in the midst of one of the depressions that I connected with Kelly. It changed the tenor of my life… her positive spirit and insights went a long way in helping me rediscover and reconnect to the beauty and hope in the world that fueled me pre-accident. Kelly is a unique girl with a very unique gift. I'd recommend any one talk to her for any reason."
-Cary Woods, Producer of Rudy, Swingers, Scream, Clerks
“Have had the pleasure of studying and knowing Kelly now for many years. Her passion is literally contagious. She stands for all things inspirational. Kelly is never above speaking to a novice like I was, and her ability to light a fire in people is unsurpassed. Every person needs that teacher who opens the door to the amazing world of self-transformation. Kelly has that rare ability, and has a positive, profound impact on anyone who has been lucky enough to work with her.”
-Chris Botti, Grammy Nominated Trumpeter & Composer
“Kelly Morris is a phenomenon. To experience her instruction, her kindness, her professionalism, her strength, and compassion, is to experience mastery. When I consider blessings in my life, Kelly Morris is truly one of them.”
-Robert John Burke, Actor
“Out of her complete devotion to her students, Kelly Morris has created for them a much deeper spiritual adventure-- insisting that they become moral citizens of the world and happier human beings. Kelly doesn’t challenge your sense of limitation. In her presence, it simply disappears.”
-Lindsay Crouse, Actress, Academy Award Nominee
“Kelly Morris has been a great inspiration in my pursuit of yoga.”
-Russell Simmons, CEO, Def Jam Records & Phat Farm

'I thought nothing would help my lifelong struggle with depression and anxiety, I had given up. At 37, I had resigned to the idea that I would never feel sustained happiness. For most of us, going to a therapist once a week for 45 min, doesn't yield any measurable results. Kelly took her time with me. She was available between sessions if I needed extra support and she was in touch with me regularly, letting me know she was in the healing trenches with me. 

As a single mom, with a full time job, my life is crazy as hell. Each day is a new challenge, a balancing act that I need to be stable, present and happy to accomplish. That wasn't happening until I started working with Kelly. 

Something fell together for me while working with her. Kelly...loves me. She loves all her clients. I'd say that fact had a lot to do with my healing. It's not like regular therapy or coaching. I had epiphany after epiphany. It wasn't easy. I'd even say it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I get emotional writing this because it was no small thing to pull all off. What years of psychotherapy, self-medicating, and spiritual seeking couldn't do, the Infinity Call (daily meditation) and Kelly's awakening coaching did for me.

Life is not the same. At all or in any way. I literally changed my brain, healing trauma and negative thought patterns, learning how to choose who I am rather than be told who I am by my history or by my culture or by the mirror in my bathroom. I am no longer a slave to depression, anxiety, or fear. I no longer listen spellbound to doctors with pills.

I am a different woman, empowered, strong and kind, with zero compromise of my integrity. My son is proud of me. The world is a different place and I am finally happy to be here. Working with Kelly changed my life. It's hard to put that big of a thing into words.

I get teary eyed when I think about how happy I am now. I am so very grateful.'
- Reina Lovelace